Saturday, February 7, 2009


Zacchaeus Vs Amnon

Why is it so important to be very careful to decide on what or whom we set our hearts on? What would be its consequence in the future?

Consider the passage, Luke 19:1-9, Zacchaeus made a choice to see the Lord Jesus who was to pass by. His heart was set on fulfilling this desire of his and was determined to do that. Though wealthy and holding a very good position as Chief Tax Collector, he lacked contentment. He had a real hunger for God. His ‘down-to-earth’ stature did not allow him to have an easy view. He worked out this obstacle by climbing a tree. People in general and children in particular must have laughed at him and made fun of him, but that did not bother him. What was the net result? Lord Jesus Christ, in spite of the huge crowd being around, came straight to Zacchaeus, and offered to be his guest. Jesus knew Zacchaeus’ heart-setting. John 2:25 says, Jesus knew what was in the hearts of people. Zacchaeus was so moved in his heart for the privilege of hosting Jesus’ visit that he repented of his sins and pledged to restitute for his cheatings. This resulted in him receiving forgiveness and assurance of salvation from the Lord himself. An invaluable blessing indeed!

Next, consider the passage, 2 Sam 13th chapter. We read about a man called Amnon, son of King David. His heart-setting was on a person, his half-sister called Tamar (a setting obviously outside God’s will). He was so much in ‘love’ with her that he became sick. He put up a pretension after taking counsel from his cunning cousin and friend Jonadab that involved him asking King David to let Tamar come to his house to prepare food for him. He kept seeing her (see verses 5, 6 & 8) and ultimately had his way by messing up with her. What was the result? He immediately ended up utterly frustrated (verse 15) and just after 2 years, Absalom, Tamar’s brother killed him as revenge (verse 23).

Note, once when Amnon set his heart on Tamar, everything worked out in his favor. A foolish adviser was available to give evil advice. Also, King David could not discern Absalom’s intentions, even though any simpleton could foresee that (see verse 32). Evangelist Ravi Zacharias once said, “If you are determined to go in your own direction, God will step aside and second your motion”. To be safer, watch the kind of friends you keep, foolish friends give evil advises that could lead you to your destruction.

Also, Amnon’s manipulation helped him to graduate to an environment in which he could see her more and finally ruined his life. Forbidden sights seen leave an open door for the devil to step into our life and ruin us, hence, watch the input visuals you are exposed to or exposing yourself to. Pro 14:12 says, there is a way that seemeth right unto man but the end thereof is destruction.

God is a fair and just God and He will be dealing with us depending on what or whom we set our heart on. He will not force His will on anybody. 1 Cor 3:19 says, God traps the wise in their own craftiness. Zacchaeus’ heart-setting helped him to over-come obstacles and receive salvation; while Amnon’s heart-setting reaped frustration and death. Our future is in our hands. If you want your future to be exciting, set your heart on doing those things that please the God. Conversely, we can ruin our life by setting our heart on anyone else or any thing. Mat 6:21 says, your heart will always be where your riches are. Riches imply what you hold valuable.

Finally, Deut 34:10-12 says, there was never a man like Moses, a Levite, whom the Lord was close to and used so mightily. Why did God choose Moses for the role he played? Deut 2:25 says, God saw the slavery of the Israelites and was concerned for them, In Deut 2:11, we see Moses also saw how the Israelites were forced to do hard labor despite he being in comfort-zone in the Egyptian royal place. God found a man who was looking at the same people that He was looking at and with the same concern that He was having, hence chose him. Colo 3:1-3, admonishes us to set our hearts on heavenly things and not on things of this world; so as to be in His will.

How do you want your future to be? What is your heart set on?