Monday, January 9, 2012


According to Acts 1:8, the smallest circle where our Lord wants us to start being a witness is the family. Hence, our faith is developed, refined and tested in our own family. The Lord consistently works on His children to change them into His image. An ideal environment in which the Lord works on his children is the family. Thus, it is very important how much we are willing and yielding to change so that all will go well with us and our families. Consider the following suggestions:

1. Whoever is obedient to God’s Word will be good to all family members. The structure of the cross brings out this point. It has two beams, one vertical, that stands for our relationship with God and the other horizontal, which stands for our relationship with people. The horizontal beam is held by the vertical beam, which means, the horizontal beam cannot be in its place in the absence of the vertical beam. In other words, for the horizontal beam to be in its place, vertical beam is a must. If one is having a proper relationship with the Lord, then he/she will have a good relationship with people. We can also conclude that if one is not having a proper relationship with people, then the relationship with God is not there altogether or is not alright.

2. Remember, the family that reads the Word & prays together, stays together. This is the basic teaching of the Bible. Reading and practicing the Bible amounts to honoring God. Prayer is an expression of our dependence upon God. Thus, whoever honors Him and depends on Him, will not lack any good thing.

3.Never blame any family member for your peacelessness. This is so because the peace that the Lord promised does not depend on any situation. In other words, there is no situation in which we cannot experience the peace of God. Hence, if any one is not having the peace of God in a given situation, he/she should actually get right with God.

4. If you cannot forgive or tolerate or love your own family members, you cannot forgive or tolerate or love anybody else. Forgiveness is an important quality that must be developed in the family. Later, it becomes an asset in all our inter-personal relationships. Also, in this context, understand that no human-being, not even family members can manipulate or change God’s will for our lives. Hence, any belief that contradicts this truth should be discarded. If you are holding any grudge against any of your family member for whatever reasons, you are actually destroying yourself.

5. Never back-answer or be disrespectful or not-picking-up-calls with those older to you in your family. If you are not able to control anger, you have to seriously work on it. Anger does not fulfill God’s purposes. Our testimony at home is more important than our image or testimony or serving or giving outside the family.
If you think any injustice is being done to you, express your feelings. But if the problem persists, trust God to do justice but avoid fighting for your rights or complaining or murmuring.

6. Be obedient to parents & older siblings.

7. Every one should at least serve parents if around the house or support financially if stationed out of town. This is the only way by which one can show their gratitude to them even if they are financially sound. Once they attain glory, nothing can be done for them.

8. Be communicative at home and be disciplined in eating & sleeping habits at proper timings. No one with out discipline can be a real disciple. A saying goes like this, Discipline yourself so others won’t need to.

9. Fulfill all relevant obligations towards those above you and towards those below you in the family. Irresponsibility has no place in true spirituality. Hence, approach your family members with an attitude of what you can do for them and not what they can do for you – this is the best way to fight selfishness that we many times consciously or unconsciously pamper.

10. You must involve yourself in house-hold chores. Whatever hard-work you have done or are doing for the family may not be acknowledged by anyone, but the Lord knows and rewards, hence, do it gladly and whole-heartedly. Remember, cleanliness and tidiness of your house reflects your true spiritual condition.