Tuesday, March 31, 2015


When Jesus went to call Lazarus back from the grave, He wept. Some have wondered why He wept.

The Jews must have thought it was from sorrow, because they said, "Behold how he loved him" (John 11:36). Yet we wonder why He wept, if He was going to call him back to life.

Some have said that Jesus wept because for His present purposes it was necessary to call Lazarus back from the joys of heaven. (moreillustrations.com)

Whatever, but when some people were weeping for Jesus as He was being taken to be crucified, this is what He said:

But turning to them Jesus said, "Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. (Luke 23:28 ESV)

“I do not know when I am more perfectly happy than when I am weeping for sin at the foot of the cross.” - Charles Spurgeon.

“There have been times that I've wept as I've gone from city to city and I've seen how far people have wandered from God.” - Billy Graham.

“Every tear of sorrow sown by the righteous springs up a pearl.” - Matthew Henry.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Tony Evans writes that “Before cable television came into my neighborhood, I used a television antenna. I had a workman come out one time because I was having problems with my reception.

He said, “Your signal is strong, but your antenna is not pointed in the right direction.”

The Word of God is strong. There’s no problem with the “signal.” But our heart’s antenna is often not pointed in the right direction.

A lot of us are fiddling with our lives trying to fix them when the problem is that our spiritual antenna is not pointed toward God. Therefore, we cannot pick up the Spirit’s signal.” (preceptaustin.wordpress.com)

“If you're going in the wrong direction, turning around is the only right direction.” - Woodrow Kroll.

2Ch 7:14 (CEV): “If my own people will humbly pray and turn back to me and stop sinning, then I will answer them from heaven. I will forgive them and make their land fertile once again.”

Sunday, March 29, 2015


The devil is having a big sale in his store of evil tricks. Everything has a price except for one box that has no price. It is not for sales.

After almost everything has been sold, his demonic assistant asks him about what is in the box without a price.

The old devil whispers, "It's Discouragement! When all temptations fail, I have this box of potent tricks to use! I have more success using these against the Christians than any other tricks! Once hit, few have the strength or wisdom to rise to their former glory. Many just become mediocre & die fruitless! Isn't that great!" (aksermonillustrations.blogspot.in)

“The remedy for discouragement is the Word of God. When you feed your heart and mind with its truth, you regain your perspective and find renewed strength.” - Warren Wiersbe.

Heb 10:25 (GNB): “Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more, since you see that the Day of the Lord is coming nearer.”

Friday, March 27, 2015


I went to a party, Mom, I remembered what you said.

You told me not to drink, Mom, so I drank soda instead.

I really felt proud inside, Mom, the way you said I would.

I didn’t drink and drive, Mom, even though the others said I should.

I know I did the right thing, Mom, I know you were always right.

Now the party is finally ending, Mom, as everyone is driving out of sight.

As I got into my car, Mom, I knew I’d get home in one piece.

Because of the way you raised me, so responsible and sweet.

I started to drive away, Mom, but as I pulled out into the road

the other car didn’t see me, Mom, and hit me like a load.

As I lay there on the pavement, Mom, I hear the policeman say,

the other guy is drunk, Mom, and now I’m the one who will pay.

I’m lying here dying, Mom. I wish you’d get here soon.

How could this happen to me, Mom? My life just burst like a balloon.

There is blood all around me, Mom, and most of it is mine.

I hear the medic say, Mom, I’ll die in a short time.

I just wanted to tell you, Mom, I swear I didn’t drink.

It was the others, Mom. The others didn’t think.

He was probably at the same party as I.

The only difference is he drank and I will die.

Why do people drink, Mom? It can ruin your whole life.

I’m feeling sharp pains now. Pains just like a knife.

The guy who hit me is walking, Mom, and I don’t think it’s fair.

I’m lying here dying and all he can do is stare.

Tell my brother not to cry, Mom. Tell Daddy to be brave.

And when I go to heaven, Mom, put “Daddy’s Girl” on my grave.

Someone should have told him, Mom, not to drink and drive.

If only they had told him, Mom, I would still be alive.

My breath is getting shorter, Mom. I’m becoming very scared.

Please don’t cry for me, Mom. When I needed you, you were always there.

I have one last question, Mom, before I say good bye.

I didn’t drink and drive, so why am I the one to die?

This is the end, mom, I wish I could look you in the eye,

To say these final words, mom, I love you and goodbye.

- Author unknown (academictips.org)

Pro 20:1 (BBE): “Wine makes men foolish, and strong drink makes men come to blows; and whoever comes into error through these is not wise.”

Thursday, March 26, 2015


The story is told of a man who had a horrible dream.

He said, “I dreamed that the Lord took my Sunday offering & multiplied it by ten & this became my weekly income. In no time I lost my color TV, had to give up my new car & couldn’t make my house payment. After all, what can a fellow do on $10 a week?”

If the Lord took your offering, multiplied it by ten & made that your weekly income, how much would you make? (ministry127.com)

“Give according to your income, lest God make your income according to your giving.” – Unknown.

2Co 9:6 (GNB): “Remember that the person who plants few seeds will have a small crop; the one who plants many seeds will have a large crop.”

“Plenty of people are willing to give God credit, yet few are willing to give Him cash.” – Unknown.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The story is told of a man who was asked, “Are you a believer in the Christian religion?”

“Oh, certainly!”

“You are a member of some church, then, I suppose?”

“Member of a church? No, indeed. Why should I be a member of a church? It is quite unnecessary; the dying thief wasn’t a member of a church & he went to Heaven.”

“But of course you have been baptized; you know the command -”

“Been baptized? Oh, no; that is another needless ceremony! I am as safe as the dying thief was & he never was baptized.”

“But surely, since you will not join a church or be baptized, you will do something in acknowledgment of your faith. You will give of your means - you will help the cause in some way?”

“No, sir; I do nothing of the kind. The dying thief ---”

“Let me remark, my friend, before you go any further, that you seem to be on pretty intimate terms with the dying thief. You seem to derive a great deal of consolation from his career. But, mind you, there is one important difference between you & him. He was a dying thief - and you are a living one.” - Charles Spurgeon. (ministry127.com)

“They would not have been guilty of sin if I had not come and spoken to them; as it is, they no longer have any excuse for their sin.” – Jesus (John 15:22)

“People who cover their faults and excuse themselves do not have a repentant spirit.” - Watchman Nee.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


A master was strolling through a field of wheat when a disciple came up to him and asked, “I can’t tell which the true path is. What’s the secret?”

“What does that ring on your right hand mean?” – asked the master.

“My father gave it to me before dying.”

“Well, give it to me.”

The disciple obeyed, and the master tossed the ring into the middle of the field of wheat.

“Now what?” – shouted the disciple.

“Now I have to stop doing everything I was doing to look for the ring! It’s important to me!”

“When you find it, remember this: You yourself answered the question you asked me. That is how you tell the true path: It is more important than all the rest.”

-Author Unknown. (academictips.org)

Mat 13:44 (GNB): "The Kingdom of heaven is like this. A man happens to find a treasure hidden in a field. He covers it up again, and is so happy that he goes and sells everything he has, and then goes back and buys that field.”

“When we seek His Word above all others, His encouragement before all others, His truth instead of all others, then we will be pleasing to Him more than all others.” - Woodrow Kroll.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Jonathan Edwards, America’s greatest theologian understood Paul’s charge to “redeem the time” and so as a young man wrote “Resolved: Never to lose one moment of time, but to improve it in the most profitable way I possibly can. Resolved: to live with all my might while I do live.”

The 16th-century reformer Philip Melanchthon kept a record of every wasted moment and took his list to God in confession at the end of each day. Little wonder that God used him in such mighty ways.

Like these great saints before us, we too should spend time wisely, by investing in eternity!

Time that is past you can never recall,
Of time to come, you are not sure at all;
Only the present is now in your power,
Therefore, redeem and improve every hour.


Eph 5:16 (KJV): “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

“The present is the only time in which any duty may be done or grace received.” - C.S. Lewis.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


In 1973, a church located on Route 46, in Netcong, New Jersey, faced a mountain-like problem.

Having built a church on a recently acquired 8-acre property, half of which was occupied by mountain & woods. The local authority could not grant them permanent occupancy until enough parking spaces was provided.

What would have served as parking space was predominantly woods & mountain. The cost of clearing the woods & removing the mountain was unaffordable by the church at this time.

One Sunday morning, Pastor Ray Crawford exhorted the congregation on Christ's Word on faith that can move mountain (Mat. 17.20). He told the congregation: if you believe this scripture come & pray with me on Wednesday night that God will remove the mountain from the back of the church.

The next morning, the phone rang from a telephone company planning to erect new building & needed to fill & reclaim a large swampy site. They had information that the mountain at the back of the church had correct proportions of sand, clay & rock which was required to reclaim their swampy site.

Within a month from the date of the phone call, 40,000 square yards of fill had been evacuated & the church was paid $5400.

God not only honored the faith of His servant by removing the mountain, but also provided him with funds for paving the site for the parking space. - Pastor Amakor (2jesus.org)

Mat 17:20 (ESV): He said to them, "…For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you."

“Ask yourself: Does my faith remove mountains or do mountains remove my faith?” – Unknown.

Friday, March 20, 2015


They introduced the young musician. Welcome...Mr. Patrick Henry Hughes. He was rolled onto the stage in his wheelchair & began to play the piano. His fingers danced across the keys as he made beautiful music.

He then began to sing as he played & it was even more beautiful. For some reason, however, I knew that I was seeing something special. There was this aura about him that I really can't explain & the smile...his smile was magic!

About ten minutes into Patrick's performance, someone came on the stage & said..."I'd like to share a seven-minute video titled, The Patrick Henry Hughes story." And the lights went dim.

Patrick Henry Hughes was born with no eyes & a tightening of the joints which left him crippled for life. However, as a child, he was fitted with artificial eyes & placed in a wheelchair.

Before his first birthday, he discovered the piano. His mom said, "I could hit any note on the piano & within one or two tries, he'd get it."

By his second birthday, he was playing requests: You Are My Sunshine, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

His father was ecstatic. "We might not play baseball, but we can play music together."

Today, Patrick is a junior at the University of Louisville. He’s made nearly all A's, with the exception of 3 B's.

He's also a part of the 214-member marching band. You read it right...the marching band! He's a blind, wheelchair-bound trumpet player; and he & his father do it together. His father rolls & rotates his son around the field to the cheers of Patrick's fans. Patrick said..."My dad's my hero."

But even more than his unbelievable musical talent, it was Patrick's "attitude of gratitude" that touched my soul. On stage, between songs, he would talk to the audience about his life & about how blessed he was. He said, "God made me blind & unable to walk. BIG DEAL! He gave me the ability...the musical gifts I have...the great opportunity to meet new people."

When his performance was over, Patrick & his father were on the stage together. The crowd rose to their feet & cheered for over five minutes. It gave me giant goose bumps! (aksermonillustrations.blogspot.in)

“Our God is not made of stone. His heart is the most sensitive and tender of all. No act goes unnoticed, no matter how insignificant or small. A cup of cold water is enough to put tears in the eyes of God. God celebrates our feeble expressions of gratitude.” - Richard J. Foster.

Heb 12:28 (ISV): “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful and worship God in reverence and fear in a way that pleases him.”

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Charles Spurgeon & Joseph Parker both had churches in London in the 19th century.

On one occasion, Parker commented on the poor condition of children admitted to Spurgeon’s orphanage. It was reported to Spurgeon however, that Parker had criticized the orphanage itself.

Spurgeon blasted Parker the next week from the pulpit. The attack was printed in the newspapers & became the talk of the town.

People flocked to Parker’s church the next Sunday to hear his rebuttal. “I understand Dr. Spurgeon is not in his pulpit today & this is the Sunday they use to take an offering for the orphanage. I suggest we take a love offering here instead.”

The crowd was delighted. The ushers had to empty the collection plates three times.

Later that week there was a knock at Parker’s study. It was Spurgeon. “You know Parker, you have practiced grace on me. You have given me not what I deserved; you have given me what I needed.” - Charles Angell (ministry127.com)

“Grace is the very opposite of merit. Grace is not only undeserved favor, but it is favor, shown to the one who has deserved the very opposite.” - Harry Ironside.

Heb 12:15 (GNB): “Guard against turning back from the grace of God. Let no one become like a bitter plant that grows up and causes many troubles with its poison.”

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Several years ago, I owned a car wash with my father. Neither I nor my wife was saved. We started going to church & felt God calling us till we both broke down & gave our lives to Christ.

Later, I had back surgery, removing a ruptured disk. I was devastated. Normally active, athletic & healthy, I was learning how frail I was. Recovery was slow.

I was working December 2, 1995 running our business when an employee said, "Jim, you got to see this. Someone is crushed under a van in front of the car wash."

I immediately went to the front & saw something mangled under the van & people standing around. I felt as if I had to run. I did & started calling for employees to follow. I got to the van & sure enough there was a person under the van. I remember everything being really quiet inside of me & God's voice speaking, "lift the van".

I remember not thinking but going to the back of the van & lifting it, not just waist high but chest high. The reality set in, I then prayed God don't let this crush me. I started to become frightened. Then I felt a wave of calm fill me then I yelled pull him out. People were still not responding. One of my Christian employees went under the van & pulled him out. I went to the side of the victim but he was not breathing & had no pulse.

Things got really still inside of me again & God commanded me to breath life back into him. This time I hesitated. I saw all of the blood & was scared of AIDS or other diseases. God spoke to me & reassured me. Then said: breath.

As I did this, I was aware that over 40 people were praying from the road, my wife, employees & passers by. After the breath his eyes popped open. It was so clear & peaceful. He turned out to be a 14 year old boy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He made a miraculous recovery with out scars. His parents, their whole church & over 1400 people prayed for me as I had developed a lump on my surgery scar & was having pain. It was completely healed the next day.

I want everyone to know that it was an honor to be used by the most Holy One. God speaks to us all. I have not responded many times thinking this can't be right, I'll pray some more about it. Then it is gone.

If you lose the opportunity to serve God you miss a beautiful blessing. Be responsive, right then. God has a plan for each of our lives. Don't miss His call. - Jim Cox (2jesus.org)

Heb 3:15 (GNB): This is what the scripture says: "If you hear God's voice today, do not be stubborn, as your ancestors were when they rebelled against God."

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


One day John Wesley was walking with a troubled man who expressed his doubt as to the goodness of God. He said, “I do not know what I shall do with all this worry & trouble.”

At the same moment Wesley saw a cow looking over a stone wall. “Do you know,” asked Wesley, “why that cow is looking over the wall?”

“No,” said the man who was worried.

Wesley said, “The cow is looking over the wall because she cannot see through it. That is what you must do with your wall of trouble - look over it & avoid it.”

Faith enables us to look past our circumstances and focus on Christ. - Walter B. Knight. (ministry127.com)

“Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.” - Henry Ward Beecher.

“Worry is like a rocking chair - it keeps you moving but doesn't get you anywhere.” - Corrie Ten Boom.

“Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.” - Corrie Ten Boom.

Heb 11:1 (KJV): “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Monday, March 16, 2015


A seminary professor visiting the Holy Lands met a man who claimed to have memorized the entire Old Testament in Hebrew! Needless to say, the astonished professor asked for a demonstration.

“Where shall we begin”? asked the man. The professor who was an avid student of the psalms replied “Psalm 1.”

So for two hours, the man effortlessly and flawlessly recited the Psalms from memory as the professor sat in stunned silence.

When the demonstration was over, the professor discovered something even more astonishing about the man - he was an atheist!

Here was a man who intellectually could go through the Scriptures, but without the Spirit’s illumination, the Scriptures never once went through him! - Jack Kuhatschek (preceptaustin.wordpress.com)

“Apart from the Holy Spirit, the Bible will utterly fail to penetrate and transform the human heart. With the Spirit of God comes illumination - true understanding of what has been written. Every believer has the Holy Spirit, the One who inspired the writers of Scripture, and without His illuminating ministry to us, the truth of Scripture could not penetrate our hearts and minds.” - John MacArthur.

Act 7:51 (GW): "How stubborn can you be? How can you be so heartless and disobedient? You're just like your ancestors. They always opposed the Holy Spirit, and so do you!”

Sunday, March 15, 2015


During Thomas Jefferson's presidency, he and a group of travelers were crossing a river that had overflowed its banks. Each man crossed on horseback fighting for his life.

A lone traveler watched the group traverse the treacherous river & then asked President Jefferson to take him across.

The president agreed without hesitation, the man climbed on & the two made it safely to the other side of the river where somebody asked him: "Why did you select the President to ask this favor?"

The man was shocked, admitting he had no idea he was the President of the United States who had carried him safely across.

"All I know," he said, "is that on some of your faces was written the answer 'No' & on some of them was the answer 'Yes.' His was a 'Yes' face."

"The most significant decision I make each day is my choice of an attitude. When my attitudes are right there's no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme and no challenge too great." - Charles Swindoll. (aksermonillustrations.blogspot.in)

“My attitude was and still is like that of David, who was ashamed that the armies of Israel would tremble before Goliath. Without hesitation he stepped forward with complete confidence in the God who had proven Himself to be faithful (1 Sam 17). For David, the size of the giant was irrelevant.” - Dave Hunt.

Num 14:24 (GW): “But because my servant Caleb has a different attitude and has wholeheartedly followed me, I'll bring him to the land he already explored. His descendants will possess it.”

Friday, March 13, 2015


A man from Norfolk, VA, called a local radio station to share this on Sept 11th, 2003. His Name was Robert Matthews. These are his words:

"A few weeks before Sept 11th, my wife & I found out we were going to have our first child. She planned a trip out to California to visit her sister.

On our way to the airport, we prayed that God would grant my wife a safe trip & be with her. Shortly after I said 'Amen' we both heard a loud pop & the car shook violently. We had blown out a tire.

I replaced the tire as quickly as I could, but we still missed her flight. Both very upset, we drove home. I received a call from my father who was retired FDNY.

He asked what my wife's flight number was, but explained that we missed the flight. My father informed me that her flight was the one that crashed into the southern tower. I was too shocked to speak.

My father also had more news for me; he was going to help. 'This is not something I can just sit by for, I have to do something.' I was concerned for his safety, of course, but more because he had never given his life to Christ.

After a brief debate, I knew his mind was made up. Before he got off of the phone, he said, 'take good care of my grandchild.' Those were the last words I ever heard my father say; he died while helping in the rescue effort.

My joy that my prayer of safety for my wife had been answered quickly became anger. Anger at God, at my father & at myself. I had gone for nearly 2 years blaming God for taking my father away. My son would never know his grandfather, my father had never accepted Christ & I never got to say goodbye.

Then something happened. About 2 months ago, I was sitting at home with my wife & my son, when there was a knock on the door. I looked at my wife, but I could tell she wasn't expecting anyone. I opened the door to a couple with a small child.

The man looked at me & asked if my father's name was Jake Matthews. I told him it was. He quickly grabbed my hand & said, 'I never got the chance to meet your father, but it is an honor to meet his son.'

He explained to me that his wife had worked in the World Trade Center & had been caught inside after the attack. She was pregnant & had been caught under debris. He then explained that my father had been the one to find his wife & free her. My eyes welled up with tears as I thought of my father giving his life for people like this.

He then said, 'there is something else you need to know.' His wife then told me that as my father worked to free her, she talked to him & led him to Christ. I began sobbing at the news.

Now I know that when I get to heaven, my father will be standing beside Jesus to welcome me & that this family would be able to thank him themselves."

When their baby boy was born, they named him Jacob Matthew in honor of the man who gave his life so mother & baby could live.

This story should help us to realize two things: First, that though it has been two years since the attacks, we should never let it become a mere tragic memory.

And second, but most important, God is always in control. We may not see the reason behind things & we may never know this side of heaven, but God is ALWAYS IN CONTROL. - Greg W. (2jesus.org)

Job 25:2 (CEV) says: “God is the one to fear, because God is in control and rules the heavens.”

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Bruce Goodrich was being initiated into the cadet corps at Texas A & M University. One night, Bruce was forced to run until he dropped - but he never got up. Bruce Goodrich died before he even entered college.

A short time after the tragedy, Bruce's father wrote this letter to the administration, faculty, student body, and the corps of cadets:

"I would like to take this opportunity to express the appreciation of my family for the great outpouring of concern and sympathy from Texas A & M University and the college community over the loss of our son Bruce.

We were deeply touched by the tribute paid to him in the battalion. We were particularly pleased to note that his Christian witness did not go unnoticed during his brief time on campus."

Mr. Goodrich went on: "I hope it will be some comfort to know that we harbor no ill will in the matter. We know our God makes no mistakes. Bruce had an appointment with his Lord and is now secure in his celestial home.

When the question is asked, 'Why did this happen?' perhaps one answer will be, 'So that many will consider where they will spend eternity.'" – (aksermonillustrations.blogspot.in)

Ecc 3:2 (GNB): “He sets the time for birth and the time for death, the time for planting and the time for pulling up.”

”Fit or not fit - we must all die, and we know not how soon. As death leaves us, the judgment must find us.” - William Tiptaft.

“Bitterness imprisons life; love releases it.”- Harry Emerson Fosdick.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


A very wealthy man in the community was not known for his generosity. The church was involved in a big financial program so the fund-raising committee decided they had to pay him a visit.

As they met with him, they said that in view of his considerable resources they were sure that he would like to make a substantial contribution to this program.

"I see," he said. "So you have it all figured out, have you? In the course of your investigation did you discover that I have a widowed mother who has no other means of support but me?" No, they responded, they did not know that.

"Did you know that I have a sister who was left by a drunken husband with five children and no means to provide for them?" No, they said, they did not know that either.

"Well, did you know also that I have a brother who is crippled due to an automobile accident and can never work another day to support his wife and family?" Embarrassingly, they responded, no, they did not know that either.

"Well," he thundered triumphantly, "I've never given any of them a cent, so why should I give anything to you?" (aksermonillustrations.blogspot.in)

Eze 16:49 (BBE): “Truly, this was the sin of your sister Sodom: pride, a full measure of food, and the comforts of wealth in peace, were seen in her and her daughters, and she gave no help to the poor or to those in need.”

“After giving something to God, you are no longer accountable for it. Your blessing is based on your giving, not on what others do with the gift.” - Ed Cole.

“Give according to your income, lest God make your income according to your giving.” - Author unknown.


In his book "God Isn't in a Hurry," Warren Wiersbe states,

"Emerson said that if the stars came out only once a year, everyone would stay up all night to behold them. We have seen the stars so often that we don't bother to look at them anymore. We have grown accustomed to our blessings (bradzockoll.tripod.com)

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” - G.K. Chesterton.

Phm 1:6 (GNB): “My prayer is that our fellowship with you as believers will bring about a deeper understanding of every blessing which we have in our life in union with Christ.”

“How quickly we forget God's great deliverances in our lives. How easily we take for granted the miracles he performed in our past.” - David Wilkerson.


They walked in tandem, each of the ninety-two students filing into the already crowded auditorium. With their rich maroon gowns flowing … and the traditional caps, they looked almost as grown up as they felt.

Dads swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and Moms freely brushed away tears.

This class would NOT pray during the commencements – not by choice, but because of a recent court ruling prohibiting it.

The principal and several students were careful to stay within the guidelines allowed by the ruling. They gave inspirational and challenging speeches, but no one mentioned divine guidance and no one asked for blessings on the graduates or their families.

The speeches were nice, but they were routine … until the final speech received a standing ovation.

A solitary student walked proudly to the microphone. He stood still and silent for just a moment, and then, it happened.

All 92 students, every single one of them, suddenly SNEEZED!!!!

The student on stage simply looked at the audience and said, “GOD BLESS YOU, each and every one of you!” And he walked off stage …

The audience exploded into applause. This graduating class had found a unique way to invoke God’s blessing on their future with or without the court’s approval.

This is a true story; it happened at the University of Maryland.

Who says that our young are not smart? - Justine (2jesus.org)

1Co 3:19 (NET): For the wisdom of this age is foolishness with God. As it is written, “He catches the wise in their craftiness.”

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Greatness of a Man’s Power Is the Measure of His Surrender

When J. Wilbur Chapman was in London, he had an opportunity to meet General William Booth (1829-1912; founder of the Salvation Army) who at that time was past eighty years of age.

Dr. Chapman listened reverently as the old general spoke of the trials & the conflicts & the victories. Then the American evangelist asked the General if he would disclose his secret for success.

“He hesitated a second,” Dr. Chapman said, “and I saw the tears come into his eyes & steal down his cheeks & then he said, ‘I will tell you the secret. God has had all there was of me.

There have been men with greater brains than I, men with greater opportunities; but from the day I got the poor of London on my heart & a vision of what Jesus Christ could do with the poor of London, I made up my mind that God would have all of William Booth there was.

And if there is anything of power in the Salvation Army today, it is because God has all the adoration of my heart, all the power of my will & all the influence of my life.’”

Dr. Chapman said he went away from that meeting with General Booth knowing that, “the greatness of a man’s power is the measure of surrender.” - Wayne E. Warner (ministry127.com)

"I am the vine, and you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will bear much fruit; for you can do nothing without me.” – Jesus Christ. (John 15:5)

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Two boys were playing in the snow one day; when one said to the other, “Let us see who can make the straightest path in the snow.” His companion readily accepted the proposition & they started.

One boy fixed his eyes on a tree & walked along without taking his eyes off the object selected.

The other boy set his eyes on the tree also & when he had gone a short distance, he turned & looked back to see how true his course was. He went a little distance farther & again turned to look over his steps.

When they arrived at their stopping place, each halted & looked back. One path was true as an arrow, while the other ran in a zigzag course.

“How did you get your path so true?” asked the boy who had made the crooked steps.

“Why,” said the other boy, “I just set my eyes on the tree & kept them there until I got to the end; while you stopped & looked back & wandered out of your course.”

This is a perfect picture of the Christian life. We must fix the eyes of our hope, our trust & our faith upon Jesus Christ.

Heb 12:1-2 (GNB): “…So then, let us rid ourselves of everything that gets in the way, and of the sin which holds on to us so tightly, and let us run with determination the race that lies before us. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end…” - Richard Steele (ministry127.com)

“Can you tell a plain man the road to heaven? Certainly, turn at once to the right, and then go straight forward.” - William Wilberforce.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


A young girl, unaccustomed to traveling, was taking a train ride through the country & it happened that in the course of the day her train was obliged to cross two branches of a river & several wide streams.

The water seen in advance always awakened doubts & fears in the child. She did not understand how it could safely be crossed. As they drew near the river, however, a bridge appeared & furnished a way over.

Two or three times the experience was repeated & finally the child leaned back with a long breath of relief & confidence. “Somebody has put bridges for us all the way!” she said in trusting content.

That is life. We fear so many evils, so many troubles look dark ahead, so many difficulties seen insurmountable as they loom before us; but as we advance we find that there is a way through them.

God has built bridges for us all the way. - American Messenger, (ministry127.com)

Job 11:16 (CEV): “Your troubles will go away like water beneath a bridge.”

Psalms 144:2 (GNB) says: “He is my protector and defender, my shelter and savior, in whom I trust for safety...”

“Faith becomes a bridge between where I am and where I want to go - it is a substance.” - T.D. Jakes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931, an American inventor who developed many devices including the electric light bulb) tried two thousand different materials in search of a filament for the light bulb.

When none worked satisfactorily, his assistant complained, “All our work is in vain. We have learned nothing.”

Edison replied very confidently, “Oh, we have come a long way and we have learned a lot. We know that there are two thousand elements which we cannot use to make a good light bulb.” - Stephen (academictips.org)

Ecc 7:20 (GNB): “There is no one on earth who does what is right all the time and never makes a mistake.”

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” - John C. Maxwell.

“The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.” - John C. Maxwell.

Pro 26:11 (GNB): “A fool doing some stupid thing a second time is like a dog going back to its vomit.”

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Good Housekeeping Magazine reported an offer made by a Detroit newspaper concerning addictions. However, the addictions were not based on drugs or cigarettes...not even on overeating! The addiction was on TV watching.

The newspaper made an offer to 120 city families with a reward of $500 as the incentive. The challenge was to go for 30 days without watching TV. Immediately 93 said no!

Of the remaining 27 families, the newspaper researched 5 of them to see the results. The families had been watching TV from 40 to 70 hours a week - an average of over 5 and a half to 10 hours a day! The five families made it and admitted four things:

1. They became closer.
2. Personal contact between parent & child was much more abundant.
3. The members became more patient.
4. Creativity abounded.

Oh, one more thing...all five families went right back to the same amount of TV watching. Some added even more hours to their TV watching schedule. (bradzockoll.tripod.com)

“Oh, how precious is time, and how it pains me to see it slide away, while I do so little to any good purpose.” - David Brainerd.

Pro 28:19 (CEV): “Work hard and you will have a lot of food; waste time and you will have a lot of trouble.”

“The amount of time we spend with Jesus - meditating on His Word and His majesty, seeking His face - establishes our fruitfulness in the kingdom.” - Charles Stanley.


Around the time of the Korean War, Kim Joon-gon had seen 2,000 out of 20,000 people on Chunnam Island murdered by the Communists. They dragged him & his family outside their village where Kim’s father & wife were beaten to death & Kim was left for dead.

When he revived & sought safety at an acquaintance’s house, he was turned over to the Communists. Only the sudden appearance of an American ship off the island coast saved him this time, for the Communist soldiers hurried away to the battle.

Kim hid out in the countryside until the South Korean army captured the island. The Communists who had killed his wife & father were arrested. Because it was wartime, the police chief had authority to execute without a trial. But as the chief prepared to kill the men, Kim pleaded, "Spare them. They were forced to kill."

The police chief showed great surprise. "It was your family they killed! Why do you now want to spare their lives?"

Kim replied, "Because the Lord, whose I am & whom I serve, would have me show mercy to them." The Communists were spared execution because of Kim’s plea. (aksermonillustrations.blogspot.in)

“If you forgive others for the wrongs they do to you, your Father in heaven will forgive you. But if you don't forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” – Jesus Christ. (Mat 6:14-15)

Jesus followed what he preached. When He was crucified on the cross, He said, "Father, forgive them. They don't know what they're doing." (Luke 23:34)

“Every one says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.” - C.S. Lewis.