Monday, March 16, 2015


A seminary professor visiting the Holy Lands met a man who claimed to have memorized the entire Old Testament in Hebrew! Needless to say, the astonished professor asked for a demonstration.

“Where shall we begin”? asked the man. The professor who was an avid student of the psalms replied “Psalm 1.”

So for two hours, the man effortlessly and flawlessly recited the Psalms from memory as the professor sat in stunned silence.

When the demonstration was over, the professor discovered something even more astonishing about the man - he was an atheist!

Here was a man who intellectually could go through the Scriptures, but without the Spirit’s illumination, the Scriptures never once went through him! - Jack Kuhatschek (

“Apart from the Holy Spirit, the Bible will utterly fail to penetrate and transform the human heart. With the Spirit of God comes illumination - true understanding of what has been written. Every believer has the Holy Spirit, the One who inspired the writers of Scripture, and without His illuminating ministry to us, the truth of Scripture could not penetrate our hearts and minds.” - John MacArthur.

Act 7:51 (GW): "How stubborn can you be? How can you be so heartless and disobedient? You're just like your ancestors. They always opposed the Holy Spirit, and so do you!”

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