Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Good Housekeeping Magazine reported an offer made by a Detroit newspaper concerning addictions. However, the addictions were not based on drugs or cigarettes...not even on overeating! The addiction was on TV watching.

The newspaper made an offer to 120 city families with a reward of $500 as the incentive. The challenge was to go for 30 days without watching TV. Immediately 93 said no!

Of the remaining 27 families, the newspaper researched 5 of them to see the results. The families had been watching TV from 40 to 70 hours a week - an average of over 5 and a half to 10 hours a day! The five families made it and admitted four things:

1. They became closer.
2. Personal contact between parent & child was much more abundant.
3. The members became more patient.
4. Creativity abounded.

Oh, one more thing...all five families went right back to the same amount of TV watching. Some added even more hours to their TV watching schedule. (bradzockoll.tripod.com)

“Oh, how precious is time, and how it pains me to see it slide away, while I do so little to any good purpose.” - David Brainerd.

Pro 28:19 (CEV): “Work hard and you will have a lot of food; waste time and you will have a lot of trouble.”

“The amount of time we spend with Jesus - meditating on His Word and His majesty, seeking His face - establishes our fruitfulness in the kingdom.” - Charles Stanley.

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