Monday, July 9, 2012


According to few references like Exodus 22:21-22 and Isaiah 1:17, we are commanded to take special care of foreigners (meaning strangers or people unknown to us), widows, orphans and the oppressed (physically or socially or economically). This is the heart beat of God. He always takes care of the helpless and blesses those who help such people.

In the Scriptures, we see how Boaz took good care of the foreigner, Ruth, who had come from Moab to live in Judah. Ultimately, Boaz was blessed with the privilege of becoming the great-grand father of King David.

We read about Dorcas in the Scriptures (Acts 9:36).When she died, so many widows gathered around and showed Peter all the clothes she had made for them when she was alive. Dorcas was raised to life and thus, blessed with the privilege of second life; enabling her to increase her eternal rewards.

We read about an inspiring character in the Scripture whose name is Mordecai. When the parents of the little girl Esther died, Mordecai brought her up as his own daughter (Esther 2:7). The net result was, he was blessed with a position next only to the Persian king.

In the John chapter 5, we read about an invalid who tried to get healed at Bethesda for 38 long years. When Jesus came his way, he confessed: “I am unable to get into the water first when the water is stirred by the angel and I have no one to help me to get into the water.” An ideal case of oppression. Jesus healed him instantly. The Lord used Moses to set the oppressed Israelites free from slavery in Egypt and blessed him with the honor of being branded as a person who saw God ‘face to face’.

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