Friday, December 11, 2015


It was a very hot day & a picnic had been arranged by the United Society of Lady Vegetarians.
They were comfortably seated & waiting for the kettle to boil, when, horror of horrors! A savage bull appeared on the scene.

Immediately a wild rush was made for safety, while the raging creature pounded after one lady. By great good fortune she ran fast over the fence before it could reach her.

Then, regaining her breath, she turned round. "Oh, you ungrateful creature!" she exclaimed. "Here have I been a vegetarian all my life. There's gratitude for you!"

Pro 17:13 (GNB): “If you repay good with evil, you will never get evil out of your house.”

"He who forgets the language of gratitude can never be on speaking terms with happiness." - C. Neil Strait.

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