Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Leslie Strobel became a Christian in 1979 & modeled her faith in such a way that it influenced her atheistic husband Lee to begin his own search for God.

In his book ‘The Case for Christ’, he tells of his 2 years of intensive research that finally led him to receive Jesus as his Savior. With a law degree from Yale & an award-winning career in journalism at the Chicago Tribune, Lee had the ability to answer tough questions raised by unbelievers & cynics.

The change in his life also influenced their 5-year-old daughter Alison, who said, “Mommy, I want God to do for me what He’s done for Daddy.” Leslie’s faith created a ripple effect that changed the whole family.

This pattern of modeling or imitating is what Paul described in the first chapter of 1 Thessalonians. His example, along with that of Silas & Timothy, motivated the new believers in Thessalonica to imitate them.

Then, as these new believers suffered for Christ with patience & endurance, they in turn became models to believers in Macedonia & Achaia, inspiring them to new levels of devotion. - Herbert Vander Lugt (preceptaustin.org)

1Th 1:6-7 (GNB): “You imitated us and the Lord; and even though you suffered much, you received the message with the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit. So you became an example to all believers in Macedonia and Achaia.”

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