Monday, June 27, 2016


Carol Fuller was a 72-year-old grandmother living alone in West Hollywood in 1995. During a home invasion robbery she was locked in a closet, her home was ransacked & her car was stolen. All of this took place without anyone knowing. But the worst part followed.

Days later, investigators found her dead in the closet with her fingers cut from trying to claw her way out.

Sadly, Carol Fuller left this world experiencing much the same horror many will experience for the rest of eternity. Try as they might, claw as they might, they will only have death & darkness as their companion.

Source: Los Angeles Times, February, 3, 1995 - (            

Heb 2:3 (AMP): “How will we escape [the penalty] if we ignore such a great salvation [the gospel]? For it was spoken at first by the Lord, and it was confirmed to us and proved authentic by those who personally heard [Him speak].”

“Let us not so much labor to know where hell is - as how to escape it.” -  John Chrysostom.

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