Monday, September 29, 2014


During the 14th century, Raynald III was a duke in what is now Belgium. As the result of a violent quarrel, Raynald’s younger brother Edward successfully revolted against him.

When Edward captured Raynald, he built a room around him featuring windows & a door & promised him that the day he left the room his title & property would be returned to him.

The problem with this arrangement was that Raynald was grossly overweight & could not fit through the openings in the room. Raynald needed to lose weight before he could leave the room.

Edward knew that his older brother could not control his appetite & sent him delicious food every day. As you may imagine, Raynald grew fatter during this time.

Anytime someone accused Duke Edward of treating Raynald cruelly, he said: “My brother is not a prisoner. He may leave when he so wills.”

Raynald stayed in that room for ten years & wasn’t released until after Edward died in battle. By then his health was so ruined that he died within a year.

He was a prisoner of his own appetite. (

“I believe that gluttony is as much a sin in the sight of God as drunkenness.” - Charles Spurgeon.

Pro 23:2 (KJV): “And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.”

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