Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MOTHER’S LOVE (A real-life story in Vietnam)

The Vietnam War broke out. A young husband joined the military and sacrificed his life leaving behind his wife & kids.

Life postwar was very hard. Still young & beautiful, the wife refused to remarry & dedicated her entire life to raise her kids with the best possible care & education.

An opportunity came; the first born son immigrated to America, studied hard & became a NASA Engineer having a good life.

The son sent home letters often, together with much money for mom to spend, however, year after year, with the many excuses, the son stubbornly refused to travel home to visit mom.

When the mother died, the son returned & organized a big funeral but people did not see him shredding tear.

Mother left behind a chest that she always placed at the top of her bed. During the funeral, the son opened the chest & suddenly bursted into tears, sobbed, embraced his mother’s coffin & screamed hysterically, “Mom! Mom!”

Everyone looked at each other & looked at the chest. It was full of $100 dollar bills & a piece of paper.

In it read, “Son, I don’t spend too much money. I miss you a lot. Every time I hear a motorcycle passing by, I run out the door but it wasn’t my son. I saved this money for you in case when you get sick.” - Michael Luong.

Isa 49:15 (GNB): “So the LORD answers, "Can a woman forget her own baby and not love the child she bore? Even if a mother should forget her child, I will never forget you.”

“Such was God's original love for man that He was willing to stoop to any sacrifice to save him; and the gift of a Savior was the mere expression of that love.” - Albert Barnes.

“Whom should we love, if not Him who loved us & gave himself for us?” - Augustus Toplady.

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