Friday, April 1, 2016


In Waterbury, Connecticut, a few months ago an African evangelist exhorted a wailing audience, with fists milling, to clean living. In front of the platform in the African Methodist Church a casket was piled high with flowers.

The evangelist told the dead man had committed every sin. He was wicked & therefore he would go into eternal torment. He told of the horrors of hell & there were not a few hysterical cries from his listeners. The newspaper announcement said that the service was to be a funeral. Over the coffin the evangelist chanted no eulogy.

When the sermon was finished, the audience was invited to file past the casket & take one look at this horrible sinner. Each man & woman peered into the casket. The casket was empty. A mirror in the bottom reflected the face of every person who stared.

- Defender. (

1 Cor 9:22 (ICB): “… I did this so that I could save some of them in any way possible.” – Paul.

“Every preacher, if he is saved, has this Great Commission. If you don't win souls, you have failed in your Christian life. No one is a good Christian who doesn't win souls. You are not doing the first things He said you were to do after you got baptized. Those who do not win souls are disobedient to the main command of Jesus Christ, and that is not a small matter.” - John R. Rice.

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