Friday, May 20, 2016


The disgruntled fisherman at the club lifted his voice & complained loudly. He protested against the trickery of his two companions on the trip.

"It was agreed," He explained, "before we started, that the one who caught the first fish must stand treat to a supper. Now, you'd hardly believe it, but it's a fact that when we got to fishing, both those fellows deliberately refused to pull in their lines when they had bites, just so I'd be stuck."

"That was a mean trick," one of the auditors asserted sympathetically. "How much did the supper cost you?"

The fisherman relaxed slightly. "Oh," he explained, "it wasn't as bad as that. You see, I didn't have any bait on my hook."


“Do not be deceived; happiness and enjoyment do not lie in wicked ways.” -  Isaac Watts.

Ps 15:1&4 (GNT): “Lord, who may enter your Temple?…. those who always do what they promise, no matter how much it may cost.”

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