Thursday, May 26, 2016


(Mat 13:39: "The enemy ... is the devil... ")

If there is one thing more than another required in the Church of God today, it is that we present a united front to the enemy. There is a great need of aggressive unity.

Just before the battle of Trafalgar, Nelson inquired of Admiral Collingwood where his captain was & learned that he & Captain Rotherham were not on good terms with each other.

Sending a boat for the captain, he placed the hands of Collingwood & Rotherham together, pointed to the enemy's ships & earnestly looking them both in the face, he uttered the simple words: “Look, yonder is the enemy.”

It was enough; disagreements were forgotten & victory was gained.

- Hy Pickering (

“God cares nothing about our man-made divisions and groups and is not interested in our self-righteous, hair-splitting, and religious, man-made formulas and organizations. He wants you to recognize the UNITY of the Body of Christ.” - M.R. DeHaan.

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