Monday, July 27, 2015


Mary listened with quiet envy as the speaker at the women's retreat talked in glowing terms of the way the Lord had marvelously provided for her need.

Mary wished that would happen to her.

Later in the retreat, she was spellbound as another speaker told of the amazing opportunity the Lord had given her to testify & how several women in deep despair had opened their hearts to Christ.

Mary longed for God to use her in a powerful way, but she didn't expect it to happen.

Mary's routine involved getting her husband off to work & her children to school, caring for her home, working a couple of days a week & helping in their church. She didn't think there was much opportunity to be used mightily by God.

With all the emphasis on the spectacular these days, it's easy for us to lose sight of the fact that God is the God of everyday living. It seems that we're always looking for some great display of His power in our lives. But what the Lord desires is for us to focus on doing His will from our heart each day, delighting in humble service for Him.

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Eph 6:7 (ISV): "Serve willingly, as if you were serving the Lord and not merely people."

"It is true that we may desire much more. But let us use what we have, and God will give us more."  - Adoniram Judson.

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