Thursday, January 12, 2017


A Persian legend runs that a certain king needed a faithful servant & two men were candidates for the office. He took both at fixed wages & his first order was to fill a basket with water from a neighboring well, saying that he would come in the evening & see their work.

After putting in one or two bucketfuls, one man said, "What is the good of doing this useless work? As soon as we put the water in one side it runs out the other."

The other answered, "But we have our wages, haven't we? The use is the master's business, not ours."
"I am not going to do such fool's work," replied the other. Throwing down his bucket, he went away.

The other man continued until he had exhausted the well; looking down into it he saw something shining - a diamond ring. "Now I see the use of pouring water into a basket," he cried. "Even if the bucket had brought up the ring before the well was emptied, it would have been found in the basket. Our work was not useless."

Christians must believe that their divine Master knows what is best, and obey His commands, and in due time they will know and understand.

- Christian Herald. (           

Jn 2:5 (CEB): His mother told the servants, “Do whatever he (Jesus) tells you.”

“Just as a servant knows that he must first obey his master in all things, so the surrender to an implicit and unquestionable obedience must become the essential characteristic of our lives.” -  Andrew Murray.

“It is possible to miss God's perfect will for our lives through carelessness or disobedience.” -  Zac Poonen.

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