Wednesday, January 25, 2017


When the British Government sent word to Jamaica that slavery was at an end; that was an act of a government speaking for a nation. Every slave had the right to go free.

I doubt not there were slaves who did not believe it & went on with their slavery. Those who did believe it got rid of their shackles & were free.

I am here to say that every man & every woman & every child is redeemed. Is every man, woman & child saved?

That depends upon your attitude toward the finished work. Redemption is a work of God, but in order to have salvation the individual must exercise faith in what is accomplished.

- 'Grace and Truth' by W. Graham Scroggie. (

Ps 119:45 (CEV): “I have gained perfect freedom by following your teachings.”

“The greatest privilege God gives to you is the freedom to approach Him at any time.” -  Wesley L. Duewel.

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