Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Ten of us met in New York to sail. We were faith missionaries, with no board to take care of us. There was no home ready for us to go to as far as we knew. No one was pledged to send us money.

None of these things troubled me at first. I must have been half way across the Atlantic before I began seriously to wonder where I would go when I finally reached India. But it did come to me at last & then I began to pray about it.

Then God gave me a dream. I saw myself standing on a tiny little plank which was floating in a vast ocean; absolutely nothing in front of me or behind me or at the sides. But, as I lifted my foot as if to step, another little board appeared just in front, ready for me to step on it.

So God comforted me & seemed to be telling me that I was to trust Him for one step at a time. And so I went happily on, ‘always finding a plank in front ready to be stepped on when needed’.

- From My Life, by Mrs. W. K. Norton, of the Pilgrim's Mission, Benares, India. (

Deu 7:21-22 (GNT): “So do not be afraid of these people. The Lord your God is with you; he is a great God and one to be feared. Little by little he will drive out these nations as you advance…”

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