Tuesday, July 18, 2017


When 67-year-old carpenter Russell Herman died in 1994, his will included a staggering set of bequests.

Included in his plan for distribution was more than 2 billion dollars for the City of East St. Louis, another billion and a half for the State of Illinois, two and a half billion for the national forest system & to top off the list, Herman left 6 trillion dollars to the government to help pay off the national debt.

That sounds amazingly generous, but there was a small problem - Herman’s only asset when he died was a 1983 Oldsmobile car.

He made grand pronouncements, but there was no real generosity involved. His promises were meaningless because there was nothing to back them up.

Source: Chicago Tribune, (ministry127.com)

1 John 3:18 (NOG): “Dear children, we must show love through actions that are sincere, not through empty words.”

“You can always give without loving, but you can never love without giving.” -  Amy Carmichael.

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