Friday, September 4, 2015


The process of sanctification can be compared to an iceberg, which is almost 90% under water. As the sun shines on the iceberg, the exposed part melts, moving the lower part upward.

In the same way, we are usually aware of only a small part of our sinfulness, which is all we can deal with at any one time.

However, as the light of God works in our lives & changes us in the areas we know about, we become aware of new areas needing the work of God.

- 'Discover the Book God Wrote' by Bill Bright (

Job 34:32 (GNB): "Have you asked God to show you your faults, and have you agreed to stop doing evil?"

"Many blush to confess their faults, who never blush to commit them."  - William Secker.

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