Wednesday, May 20, 2015


A young lady who was attempting to defend her attendance at questionable places of amusement told her friend that she thought a Christian could go anywhere.

Her friend replied, “Certainly she can, but I am reminded of a little incident which happened last summer when I went with a party of friends to explore a coal mine. One of the young women appeared dressed in a lovely white gown.

When her friends disagreed with her, she appealed to the old miner who was to act as guide to the party. ‘Can’t I wear a white dress down into the mine?’ she asked irritably.

‘Yes, mum,’ returned the old man, ‘there is nothing to keep you from wearing a white frock down there, but there will be no way to keep you from wearing one back.’”

There is nothing that prevents a Christian from bringing his good testimony anywhere he goes; but there is much to keep him from bringing it back from questionable places.

- Dr. Paul Chappell (

Psalms 1:1 (GW): “Blessed is the person who does not follow the advice of wicked people, take the path of sinners, or join the company of mockers.”

“Everywhere you look you see people searching for love... but they're looking in the wrong places. God is love, and they will never find what they're looking for until they find Him.” - Joyce Meyer.

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