Wednesday, June 24, 2015


A boy in Sunday school unmercifully denounced Peter as a coward for denying his Lord & said that he knew he would have been faithful.

Several weeks later his teacher noticed that he was much depressed & in a private interview asked the reason.

Then he told how he was present when some boys talked against Christians & the Bible in a mean & irreverent way & he had not said a word in reply.

He felt that by his silence he had denied his Lord & was as bad as Peter.

How many older people have been guilty of similar denials!

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Tit 1:16 (ISV): "They claim to know God, but they deny him by their actions…."

(Jesus said): "But whoever denies me before people I, too, will deny before my Father in heaven." (Mat 10:33 ISV)

"All men will be Peters in their bragging tongue, and most men will be Peters in their base denial; but few men will be Peters in their quick repentance." - Owen Feltham.

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