Sunday, July 31, 2016


I think that it was in an African village that a native Christian went to the village merchant to purchase a pair of shoes. He was fitted out with a suitable pair & went away happy.

Some weeks later he brought the shoes back. "Did they not fit? Were they not good?" asked the merchant.


"Then why are you returning them?"

"Because they don't have any squeak."

It appeared that the man wanted a pair of shoes that would squeak as he walked up the aisle of the church. He wanted something that would draw attention to himself.

- Christian Union Herald (

“Some people go to church and shout 'amen' louder than everyone else, thinking it proves how spiritual they are. In reality, it only proves they have a loud mouth and the disposition of an exhibitionist. They make themselves the center of attention instead of Jesus.” - John Hagee.

“Of all the things Christ wants from us, loving Him and focusing our attention on Him are the most important.” - Charles Stanley.

Matt 23:12 (CEV): “If you put yourself above others, you will be put down. But if you humble yourself, you will be honored.”          

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