Thursday, July 7, 2016


French writer Alexis de Tocqueville, after visiting America in 1831, said “I sought for the greatness of the United States in her commodious harbors, her ample rivers, her fertile fields & boundless forests - and it was not there.

I sought for it in her rich mines, her vast world commerce, her public school system - in her institutions of higher learning - and it was not there.

I looked for it in her democratic Congress & her matchless Constitution - and it was not there.
Not until I went into the churches of America & heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius & power. America is great because America is good & if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great!”

Source: ‘America’s God and Country’ - William J. Federer (

“America is a giving nation and very compassionate.” -  David Wilkerson.

“Every single one of us as Americans need to remember that freedom did not come free, as we get on our knees tonight; thank God we live in a country where people are trying to break into, and not a country people are trying to break out of.” - Mike Huckabee.

Ps 33:12 (NIV): “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.”

“I believe with all my heart that standing up for America means standing up for the God who has so blessed our land. We need God's help to guide our nation through stormy seas. But we can't expect Him to protect America in a crisis if we just leave Him over on the shelf in our day-to-day living.” - Ronald Reagan.

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