Thursday, July 28, 2016


During the first evacuation of children from bomb-torn areas of London, a train was leaving packed with children.

The parents of a small boy & girl had just said good-bye to their precious children & left them standing on the platform. The little girl began to cry & said she was afraid because she did not know where she was going.

Her little brother, brushing his own tears away, put an arm around her in an effort to comfort her & said, "I do not know where we are going either, but the king knows."

Are not many of us like the little girl, fearful because we do not know where we are heading for in this distracted world of ours?  We do not know, but our King knows!

The emergencies & problems of our day will be calmly faced, if we have met God & put our trust in Him.

-‘Day by Day’ (

“If God was faithful to you yesterday, you have reason to trust him for tomorrow.” -  Woodrow Kroll.

Mark 4:40 (GNT): Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Why are you frightened? Do you still have no faith?”

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