Tuesday, August 9, 2016


The youthful Ian Maclaren, visiting his uncle in the Highlands, looked with wistful admiration on a white-haired elder in the church who passed the sacred cup at Communion.

When he saw him the next day breaking stone on the road, he was amazed, and asked his uncle how it was that the bearer of high office yesterday today should be laboring on the highway.

His uncle told him that James was an elder in the church because he knew more about God than any other man in the village. He was a friend of God.

- (moreillustrations.com)

Js 2:23 (GW): The Scripture passage came true. It says, “Abraham believed God, and that faith was regarded as the basis of Abraham’s approval by God.” So Abraham was called God’s friend.        

“The higher a man is in grace, the lower he will be in his own esteem.” - Charles Spurgeon.

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