Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Ps 14:1 (ISV): “Fools say to themselves, “There is no God.”

Henry Ward Beecher pastored in Brooklyn, NY, beginning in 1847. Abraham Lincoln said of Beecher that no one in history had ‘so productive a mind’.

He was invited to attend a meeting of an atheist club where the famous agnostic Robert Ingersoll was speaking. He attended the meeting & watched as Ingersoll ridiculed the Christian faith.

When Ingersoll finished his speech he said, "Beecher, do you have anything to say in defense of Christianity?"

Mr. Beecher responded, "Ladies & gentlemen, you will forgive me if I seem just a little bit shaken. On the way over to the meeting today I saw something that really shook me up. 

I saw a blind man standing & a little boy who was getting ready to lead him across the street. About that time a man came along. He shoved the boy aside & took the poor blind man’s crutches & tore them to pieces. Then he beat the blind crippled man to the ground."

Ingersoll asked, “Do you know who he is, Mr. Beecher?"

Beecher replied, "It is you, Ingersoll. Man is a poor, blind beggar. He has few supports in life & fewer indeed who are willing to give him any help at all. What do you do, Ingersoll? You take what few props man has away from him & those who would try to help & encourage him you push them away.

You are the man, Ingersoll. I would say to every infidel & every unbeliever that you are the man who would rip hope out of the hearts of poor people who want something better than what this old world will ever have to offer."

The most encouraging truth is that God loves you. He has made a way for you to obtain eternal life. He offers it to you. Do you know Christ as your personal Saviour?

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