Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Charles H. Spurgeon, the Christian preacher, once said, "Family prayer is an instrument of family piety & woe to those who allow it to cease."

Another has said that the family without the prayer circle is like a family living without a roof over its head. When the storms come & the winds blow & the rains fall, there is no protection.

Surely when the home is without prayer, there is no protection for the life from the problems & distresses which come our way.

One family gave the excuse for not having a family altar because they were too busy. A friend asked a question: "If you knew that your children would be sick through the neglect of family prayer, would you have it?"

"Of course," was the answer.

"And if there was a law that you should be fined five-dollars if you did not meet for prayer each day, would you have prayer then?"


"Well, then," said the one asking the questions, "it is surely a poor excuse when you who profess to be children of God say that you have no time or opportunity to have family prayers, if you would have them for such simple reason as you have just said."

If you do not have a family altar in your home, then heed this Scriptural exhortation to pray:

“So far you haven’t asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive so that you can be completely happy.” – Lord Jesus Christ. (John 16:24 GW)

- Harry Albus. (moreillustrations.com)

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