Friday, March 25, 2016


The pyramids of Egypt are famous because they contained the mummified bodies of ancient Egyptian kings.

Westminster Abbey in London is renowned, because in it rests the bodies of English nobles & notables.

Arlington cemetery in Washington, D.C., is revered, for it is the honored resting place of many outstanding Americans.

The garden tomb of Jesus is famous not because of what is inside, but because it is empty!

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Isa 14:18 (NOG): “All the kings of the nations, all of them, have been buried with honor, each in his own tomb.”

Luke 24:24 (NIRV): “Then some of our friends went to the tomb. They saw it was empty, just as the women had said. They didn’t see Jesus’ body there.”

“Because of the empty tomb, we have peace. Because of His resurrection, we can have peace during even the most troubling of times because we know He is in control of all that happens in the world. - Paul Chappell.

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