Monday, March 28, 2016


It was Easter Sunday, 1973. Uganda groaned under the terror of Idi Amin. Still fresh in young Pastor Kefa Sempangi’s memory was a face burned beyond recognition, the sight of soldiers cruelly beating a man & the horrible sound of boots crushing bones - all for the crime of being a Christian.

But on that day Pastor Sempangi bravely & openly preached on the risen Lord in his town’s football stadium to over 7,000 people.

After the service, five of Idi Amin’s Secret Police followed Sempangi back to his church & closed the door behind them.

Five rifles pointed at Sempangi’s face. “We are going to kill you for disobeying Amin’s orders,” said the captain. “If you have something to say, say it before you die.”

Sempangi, thinking of his beautiful wife & lovely little girl, began to shake.

But the risen Lord living in his heart gave him the courage to speak. “Do what you must,” he said. “The Word of God says that in Christ I am already dead & that my real life is hidden with Him in God. It is not my life that is in danger, but yours. I am alive in the risen Lord but you are still dead in your sins. May He spare you from eternal destruction.”

The leader looked at Sempangi for a long time. Then he lowered his gun & said, “Will you pray for us?”
Sempangi did & those five officers were converted through the witness of Sempangi’s bravery. They also became his protectors rather than his aggressors.

From ‘31 Days of miracles’ - Daniel Sathiaraj (

2 Tim 1:7 (NIRV): “God gave us his Spirit. And the Spirit doesn’t make us weak and fearful. Instead, the Spirit gives us power and love. He helps us control ourselves.”

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